Founded in 2009, abcd social (for artists + bloggers + crafters + designers) is a chance for creatives to get out from behind their computers and meet face-to-face at a casual quarterly event, currently in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth

We’re a social group (offline) that’s into social (online) and we love to help you get to know each other, form collaborations and make friends with like-minded folk.

abcd socials are designed to facilitate conversation, sharing and learning in an informal, friendly setting. We aim to host inspiring, friendly and unique events to support new friendships and some great collaborations. Each abcd social has a different theme and learning angle, and we like to change the venues and format from time-to-time to keep life interesting. abcd socials are free events to support our local creative community.

Participants simply need to sign up to the mailing list and RSVP before the event date, and are given a name badge at the event. We often provide a goodie bag to give everyone the opportunity to share something small - a great way to be a little creative and help your new friends to remember you. 

The next Sydney abcd social will be on 7th June 2014, hosted by Steph from Bondville and Lisa from the red thread. Join the mailing list for Sydney abcd social events here.


Join the mailing list for Melbourne abcd social events here, hosted by The Creative Journal.


Join the mailing list for Perth abcd social events here, hosted by Tickle The Imagination.

Please contact me if you are interested in hosting a Brisbane meet-up.

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Facebook Page
We also have an active Facebook pages where we post upcoming event information for Sydney and Perth(Note however that due to changes to Facebook's newsfeed distribution, you are not guaranteed to receive notification in your newsfeed. Please ensure you also join our mailing list.)

abcd social (then called abcd meet-up) was co-founded by Steph Bond-Hutkin (Bondville) and Kim Wallace (Kim Wallace Ceramics) in 2009 after meeting for the first time in real life for coffee. We wanted to meet all our online contacts in the creative fields, and give them a chance to meet each other too in a fun, relaxed setting. The first events were held in Brisbane and then Steph started organising meet-ups with Lisa Tilse (theredthread) when she moved to Sydney in 2010. We hope to continue to help creatives grow their small businesses through opportunities to connect and learn in a warm, collaborative environment.

Head to the Previous socials page to find photos of events we have held in Brisbane and Sydney.

Images: Steph Bond-Hutkin | Bondville
Logo Design: Lisa Tilse | theredthread

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